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On October 24th of this year citizens of the world have an unprecedented opportunity for activism. Climate scientists agree that unless we can reverse the trend of growing carbon emissions and stabilize CO2 concentrations at or below 350 parts per million, we face catastrophic consequences in our lifetime. This number, 350 has become the rallying cry for a truly global movement of concerned citizens. 350 needs no translation, it is a universal target for all of humanity, and on the 24th of October the world will voice its concern in unison. We will demand better from their leaders. We will demand a future. Forget economic growth, we need a future!! On the road to a brighter future, humanity will inevitably pass an important signpost marked 350! We will pass it together with solidarity and triumph in our hearts. And maybe then our grandchildren can enjoy the long march down, down, down from this peak of population and consumption with gratitude in their hearts. I prefer not to focus on the alternative.

Here is an inteview with Bill McKibben, who has been instrumental in organizing the upcoming events in October.

Some background about the interview:

The Reality Report talks to Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy: TheWealth of Communities and the Durable Future and co-founder of the climate change group
Over the past year or so, much of the thinking about the severity and timeline of climate change has undergone a major shift. In the fall of 2007, a report titled The Big Melt came out that reviewed the rapid loss of polar ice and its likely implications. In December 2007 James Hansen presented a paper at the American Geophysical Union in which it was argued that safe levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide were at least below 350 parts per million, and in fact may be less than 300 ppm. For anyone familiar with climate science and policy this was a stunning conclusion because current levels of CO2 are over 385 ppm. During the winter of 2008 a new report titled Climate Code Red was released that greatly expanded upon The Big Melt and delved into the socio-political implications of the new scientific information, essentially framing the issue in terms of survival requirements on a damaged spaceship Earth. Soon afterwards, a climate activist group called was formed by Bill McKibben and friends to spread the message that policy targets need to reflect the scientific imperative.
Previous shows of the Reality Report interviewed Jamie Henn, a cofounder of, and Philip Sutton, a co-author of Climate Code Red.
This show brings us up to date since those developments--and a lot has occurred, including international climate change policy meetings in Poland, more information from scientists, a new U.S. president, and major disruptions to the global economy.
I am very pleased to have Bill McKibben on the program. Bill has been along-time champion of ecologically grounded economies, a safe climate campaigner, a popular writer, and teacher to many.
For more information, here are two sites dealing with policies and mechanisms on carbon emissions:

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