Friday, January 16, 2009

The PodChef!! My New Hero!

I found this guy on YouTube, and he's doin' it all the way. He runs an organic smallholding up in the beautiful San Juan islands off the coast of Washington where he raises a diverse variety of livestock, veggies and grains. Check out all of these videos -- very informative stuff. This is a picture of the future of farming, ironically many aspects are ancient agrarian traditions that have been dusted off and re-labeled 'sustainable'. Whatever it's called, it's good farming.

Baking Bread In A Wood Oven

Tour of the PodChef's Smallholding


Farming With a Chicken Tractor

Winter on PodChef Island

Pasture Pigs Part 1

Pasture Pigs Part 2


Jim said...

Hey Ryan,
I watched a few of these videos and this guy seems to have reinvented farming in a sustainable way. I bet he's learned a lot of lessons doing this and might be a good resource to run "The Plan" by.
Thanks for the info.

Ryan Crocker said...

Hey Jim,
Yeah, I have considered emailing the podchef. He's doing some neat stuff on his land. I think he makes most of his income from the pigs, but he runs a very diversified smallholding. The focus is mainly on providing his family with a varied diet. Of course he still buys many foods, but he raises his own pork and poultry, and most of his own fresh produce. And, being a chef, he also does much of his own food processing/cooking. I also like his enthusiasm and his emphasis on sharing his knowledge through informative videos.

Kitchen said...

Hey guys, I'd love if you'd email me and run the "plan" by me. No problems. You should also check out two of my sites-- and At the first site you can join the forum and check out my--mostly--weekly audio show on "Food, farming, and the politics of what we eat".

I really am glad you like my stuff. Thanks for the tribute page.

Neal, aka Podchef

Ryan Crocker said...

Podchef Neal!

Thank you so much for your comment! and thanks for sharing all of those great videos. I'll email you about 'The Plan' soon. I know it sounds really official, but it was really just a thought experiment of sorts -- the culmination of some research I've done over the past two years on self-reliance and homesteading. Anyway, the plan is to build a productive, off-grid homestead for my family. The only sticking point is that I'm a city boy with zero hands on experience farming. So the first step for me is to find a top-notch internship on an organic farm. Maybe you have some tips about where to look?