Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Journey of Man, Spencer Wells

This video is a little off topic, but it is so fascinating that I had to post it. I love learning about human origins, and this guy does a great job of telling the story. What always strikes me when I think about the dawn of humanity is just how recently we arrived on the planet. Alligators have lived for 200 million years in perfect harmony with their habitat, while modern humans are in danger of wrecking the planet in less than 250,000 years of existence.


Jim said...

Thanks for sharing this video. Although he is obviously speaking to a group of scientists (some of the terms he uses are hard for the average person to understand), he presents geneology in a very interesting way. Keep on blogging.

Ryan Crocker said...

Hey Jim,
Glad you enjoyed the video. You are the only person leaving any comments on the blog. Thank you for taking an interest in what i'm doing.